Ambos Mundos @ SAME Community Open Mic

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00:00:00​ - Welcome from Malu
00:00:41​ - Introduction by Saydyy & Oscar
00:01:18​ - Struppi & Ly
00:11:20​ - Amy
00:20:48​ - Samara
00:27:48​ - Maya
00:36:00​ - Wahinya (Riqi)
00:40:38​ - Flávia
00:45:59​ - Nancy Samara
00:59:25​ - UDAGAN
01:09:02​ - Last word from Saydyy & oscar

Who is Same?

Inspired by Living Systems, we celebrate the beauty of human creativity around the Earth with our live musical and artistic showcase a few of SAME Community members.

We love an idea that everything is connected through exploration of nature and human cultures. We shape social norms from separation to co-existence and aim to inspire people to act as one organism: in a deeper state of awareness and caring for the needs of self and others, because it's all the same. "I see you in me, and myself in you!" We believe that Synergy Moments (taking with strangers and spontaneously helping each other) will spread in the world as "small talk".

Who is UDAGAN?

UDAGAN (translating to ‘She-Shaman’ in Sakha language) is the vision of native Sakha performer Saydyy-Kuo Fedorova and music innovator Oscar South. UDAGAN is built around the traditional music, culture, folklore and shamanic heritage of the Republic of Sakha (North Siberia) and features the iconic instrument from Sakha culture ‘Khomus’ as the heart and soul of its sound. Since mid 2019 the project has been based in Sheffield, UK.


Ly and Struppi

Ly and Struppi will be sharing some music from the heart.
This song was born one early morning in the 
Mauerpark in Berlin to balance a night of work at
a concert where people cursed one another
as a way to express their belonging and praise
while Eye wrote the words, the Eairth spun night into day
and warmth and birdsong embraced another phase of faces
all just the same


Hey I’m Amy, I’m a creative problem-solver and storyteller from Ireland, living in the South-West of England. My joy in life comes from connecting with others and building community, witnessing the magic around us all, and nurturing sparks of potential into something amazing through love, patience and the belief that we will get there as long as we are together.


Hi! my name is Samara. I'm inspired by nature and dreams , I create with the intention of serving as a collective memory. Healthy roots mean healthy fruits, if we apply that to us as a humanity, it makes much sense too. So for me it is important to remember and take the space of reflecting who we are and where we are going.


Maya has practised Bellydance for 15 years as a self-expression and to improve wellbeing. She is passionate about driving positive change through projects that bring people together to connect, learn, create, and collaborate. The virtual Flash Mob is ‘call to action’ collaborative artistic project that invites us all to dance together for the beautiful world we want to live in!


I'm a Kenyan based composer and record producer spreading happy vibes and transcendental moments through my music. My performance is called 'Ndugu- Jamming and resonating with the world'.


Flávia is passionate about societal evolution towards regenerative cultures. She is a Social entrepreneur at 'Educar+' and Community builder at 'Muda Outras Economias'. Her project HOLOPTIC is a social experimentation on regeneration and global collective intelligence, with the main question: How can we humans play the role of the planet's nervous system and coordinate globally following Gaia's best interest.

Samara Nancy

Ambos Mundos is a urban bi[occult]ural landscape project that stems from the casual and personal relationships I started having with cotton and morning glory plants that are growing on the roof of my apartment building in Tacubaya México.